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i see all this stuff about ableism and specific people being the one to say something and i’m like


what does that even mean

i mean i suppose people are pretty unhappy with the system deciding what is human standard but i’m not seeing the problem

… probably because i’m a spoiled white chick

but still

what does ‘ableism’ mean?

Ableism is a form of discrimination against people who are disabled — the mentally disabled, the handicapped, and so on. Historically, ableism has had stronger roots than racism or sexism — it was only sort of legally extirpated in the United States around 1990s, but there are still ableist requirements for some jobs. It’s kind of a controversial topic because, well, ableism is associated with eugenics, which is something that has been known to lead to genocide.

All said and done, the broad variety of topics that ableism covers means that a lot of ableist mentalities are, ultimately, grounded in fact, unlike racism, sexism, and homophobia. It makes perfect sense to not allow a mentally handicapped person to operate heavy machinery, yet there’s no good reason that someone who’s blind and in a wheelchair can’t be a mathematician. Like I said, it’s complicated and controversial and I don’t know what Tumblr has to say about it.


The King, seated on his throne.


The King, seated on his throne.


Never, in all my research of leopard gecko care, has there been a mention of possibly contracting salmonella from reptiles (except if the crickets eat salmonella because of the egg carton).

Is it just not possible? I thought that was a risk (I know it’s not a BIG risk, but I thought people would at least mention it even of the chances of getting sick are really small). Or is the salmonella thing usually because of amphibians? Am I confusing reptiles and amphibians?

It’s mostly bullshit. Mostly.

Reptiles in general carry the bacterium that causes salmonella in their gut — just like a lot of other animals, especially birds. That means that, hey, eating their poop could give you salmonella, but it’s not like people are that stupid. Usually. On the other hand, aquatic species, like a lot of commonly-kept turtles turtles, can give you salmonella because they poop in the water they swim in.

There’s a law in my state that requires pet stores with reptiles to provide you with information about reptiles carrying salmonella by law. It’s kind of absurd because they only species you’re even mildly likely to contract it from is turtles. Oh, and birds. Birds can be carriers too, and you’re more likely to come in contact with their fecal matter because the poop everywhere.

You’re statistically less likely to contract a disease from a reptile than you are from mammalian pets — like, I dunno dogs and cats — because they’re physiologically more human-like. That means that it’s easier for them to carry pathogens that can make both of us sick. It’s still probably best to wash your hands after handling any animal, especially if you happen to keep other reptiles in particular, because then you can transmit diseases to your other pets. But then again, it’s also a good idea to wash your hands after touching other humans too.


Hello. I don’t like to beg for money so this is kind of awkward for me. Recently i came home to two very young puppies in my yard. They were filthy and covered in ticks, but very cute, so I thought if I brought them in and cleaned them up that it would be easy for me to find homes for them. (as much as I loved to keep them, I wanted to wait and see if they were a good fit for me in my situation, being a collage student.)

I took to calling them Milk and Pepper and as soon as they had started to grow on me, Milk began throwing up and losing her appetite. I knew the symptoms of Parvo right away and immediately contacted as many veterinary clinics as I could find in the phone book for an appointment ASAP.

Parvo attacks the lining in a dog’s intestines and causes them to dehydrate at an alarming rate - and it’s especially deadly in puppies. I’m pretty poor. I can’t afford to live in town and I don’t have a car. I live off odd jobs and my art so I thought, perhaps, if I gave Milk and Pepper to the rescue shelter in town, they would receive the care they needed.

Unfortunately the shelter informed me that, quite frankly, if there’s signs of Parvo, they will immediately euthanize. Maybe it would have been a better if I had let them do that - but I just couldn’t bring myself to let it happen. I felt like i at least owed it to the puppies to give it my best shot.

Well after a very expensive pet emergency room visit, I still wasn’t able to do the best possible for Milk. I did what I could within my means, which was IV fluids for Milk and enough medicine for both of them when Pepper eventually begins to show signs of illness. (according to the doctor they’ve both had it for half a week, but Parvo has an incubation time of 2-7 days)

Anyways. Story time over. I’m not too eloquent so I’ll spit it out. Basically, like I said at the top, as much as I hate to beg: I need money. I’m a fast drawer - I’ll do whatever it takes, as many as it takes. So if you like my art, please commission me. Or if you can’t commission me, please share this post.


Please go help this nice person out.


Pretty sure these are real. (if not, they’re still cool)  But these are picture of Galactus in Fantastic Four:Rise Of The Silver Surfer. From what I read, Galactus was in the movie (not as a cloud, like in the original film) And filmed it and everything, but they decided to take it out, :P But in the pictures you can see Silver Surfer and The Human Torch fly towards him. :D Like I said, I don’t know if they’re real or not, but it’s still awesome either way. 

This is actually the concept art that was done for the movie. It never made it to the final cut, probably because Fox thought Galactus would look ridiculous… even though they were confident the audience wouldn’t question a nude man riding a flying surfboard.



Sometimes I try to tell myself, no, I’m not into ships based on homoerotic subtext… but sometimes it’s just too damn strong to ignore.
There will never be enough fan art of these two.



Sometimes I try to tell myself, no, I’m not into ships based on homoerotic subtext… but sometimes it’s just too damn strong to ignore.

There will never be enough fan art of these two.

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superman, the spectre, and supergirl

where no superman has gone before

from dc comics presents 29

If anyone has even moderate interest in either Superman (specifically, the pre-Crisis version) or the Spectre, I’d highly recommend tracking down this comic. It does a great job of explaining just what it is about Superman — at least this particular incarnation of him — that makes him an engaging character. It’s also just kind of touching in general. Probably the oldest comic I can think of where the Spectre is presented as explicitly angelic too.


#Repost from @crispben with @repostapp this is awesome! #money #Galactus


#Repost from @crispben with @repostapp this is awesome! #money #Galactus

Leopard Geckos Questions


Sorta considering my first reptile to be a leopard gecko.
So I have a few questions:
1) Is there any difference between having a male or female, behavior wise, care wise, etc?
2) What are some reputable online places to get juveniles?

3) As far as morphs go… I was kind of wanting to get a white one(?) so, a Blizzard or such I think?

I’ve worked at a PetSmart for almost a year, I have a Vet tech degree and I’ve researched reptiles almost every day since we first had the exotics class in school + loving all the reptiles I work with.

A bit late to the party, but I can help here.

1. There are a subtle differences between males and females in terms of care. Males in particular are territorial and should never co-habitate with other males, though co-habitation in general isn’t highly recommended for the species. Females can also have health problems relating to egg binding and may lay eggs without a mate.

2. Most major breeders charge a bit more for leopard geckos than normal, so I’d recommend actually hitting up a reptile show to get an animal, especially since you can handle them in person. That said, there are a variety of breeders that sell online. Probably the most reputable is Ron Tremper, who’s pretty much responsible for the leopard gecko boom and has bred several of the major morphs (i.e. Tremper albinos) Ohio Gecko, The Urban Gecko, Geckos Etc. and Ember Gecko are some of the larger breeders, though all of these can get quite pricey.

3. There are various white morphs of leopard gecko. Keep in mind, though, that much like a purebred dog, a leopard gecko with a particular color mutation can be slightly more prone to health defects, particularly if you have the multiple recessive traits that are needed to produce most “pure white” geckos. Blizzards are the most common and are a single recessive trait, making them pretty cheap, though they’re usually a bit more gray or pink than white. Blazing blizzards a bit more white and are a double recessive, combining the blizzard gene with one of the three strains of albinism. Mack snow patternless are a combination of the recessive Murphy’s patternless and the co-dominant snow trait; there’s also a super form of this. Lastly, there’s the “diablo blanco”, which is a triple recessive that combines Tremper albino, the RAPTOR eyes, and the blizzard trait. They’re the most white leopard geckos you’re going to get, but they command a pretty penny due to the difficulty in producing them.